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Innovative, eco-friendly technologies and high-tech manufacturing methods allow the  designers to set new state of the art standards.  In the worlds biggest enamelling furnaces, Kaldewei produce a special enamel that is so exquisite and long-lasting that is guaranteed to remain durable for the last 30 years


The secret to true craftsmanship lies in the art of paying attention to the smallest of details. With this meticulous love of detail they have become a global bathroom pioneer and contemporary style icon.





Glass-like KALDEWEI enamel is really hard – harder even than steel – and so it is almost impossible to scratch it with any of the materials you normally find in a bathroom. If you rub metal against enamel, the metal rubs off but the enamel remains the same. Children can play in and on it, you can bathe the dog in it – even scouring pads won’t damage the glass-hard surface, no matter how enthusiastic your cleaning efforts.

Optional Easy-clean finish


With the optional EASY-CLEAN FINISH from KALDEWEI, the water simply rolls off the bath of shower tray taking almost all dirt and lime particles with it. Even dried water spots and lime deposits can be easily removed. And, because instead of aggressive cleaning agents you only need a wet cloth, the EASY-CLEAN FINISH is a clean affair for the environment, too.

EASY-CLEAN FINISH is a surface finish permanently fired into the KALDEWEI steel enamel 3.5 mm. It is characterised by its unique durability and long life, which we guarantee for 30 years. EASY-CLEAN FINISH is available for all KALDEWEI bathtubs and shower trays and standard for whirlpool baths

Why Kaldewei?


KALDEWEI steel enamel 3.5 mm shows to perfection how two entirely authentic and natural materials can combine to produce an incomparable, new quality: hard, yet optimally ductile steel and tough glass unite their strengths to form an ideal symbiosis. A material of lasting quality that remains visible, tangible and irresistible day after day.

KALDEWEI baths and shower trays have stood for the synthesis of robustness and aesthetics, hygiene, sophisticated and strong design for more than four generations. As a pioneer consistently pushing the boundaries to make the good even better, KALDEWEI has steadily advanced, refined and optimised the special formula and manufacturing processes of KALDEWEI steel enamel 3.5 mm for decades now. More so still, KALDEWEI is the only bathroom manufacturer to produce its own enamel. Fired in the most advanced furnaces of their kind, the special formula bonds with high-quality steel to produce a material with a thickness of 3.5 mm. The result is so exquisite and dimensionally stable that KALDEWEI confidently provides its steel enamel baths and shower trays with a guarantee of 30 years


The glass-like enamel is exceptionally robust and harder still than acrylic and mineral composite. It is virtually impossible to scratch with materials used in the bathroom, even burning or smouldering objects such as candles or cigarettes do not leave behind any burn marks or smoke residue. Furthermore, KALDEWEI steel enamel 3.5 mm has proven to be highly impact-resistant – the proprietary enamel reacts flexibly to dropped objects or unintentional blows. Thanks to their sturdy form, KALDEWEI baths and shower trays hardly expand at all in temperature fluctuations, thereby reducing the risk of cracked joints or structural damage due to moisture penetration.

KALDEWEI steel enamel 3.5 mm is equally resistant to acidic fluids and common household chemicals – detergents, cosmetic and bath additives or perfume will not harm the surface. KALDEWEI products, therefore, are used without hesitation in areas such as hotels, medical and care facilities where hygiene, but also easy and efficient cleaning are particularly critical. Even the sun and UV radiation leave no traces – KALDEWEI steel enamel 3.5 mm retains its original colour without fading or yellowing. The conjunction of material properties and design makes KALDEWEI baths and shower trays timeless style icons.


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